Hello. My name is Maria S., My sister, Judy O. is a resident at your facility on Euclid in Cleveland. I live in Colorado and visit her at least annually. I appreciate the renovations and especially the comfy couch for her to enjoy in the TV room. I wanted to give a shout-out to the staff. I met her social worker and nurse (Michael). They both took the time to talk to us about how Judy has been doing and I really appreciated it. It is so hard for us to know this is Judy’s life so knowing people like them care for her daily, does help!! Thank you!!

Maria S.


Maurice came to Eastbrook Healthcare after a lengthy hospitalization and a serious illness. He wasn’t able to walk unassisted and was limited in the use of both arms. Maurice stated that he was nervous that he would never improve, and felt limited by his illness.

When asked to describe his experience during his rehabilitation stay at Eastbrook, Maurice was especially complimentary of the therapy department, who worked closely with him to improve his strength and stamina until he could safely walk unassisted. Maurice stated that his whole life was changed by the good people who cared for him while he was at Eastbrook and that he feels much more confident in his understanding of his illness, his medications, and his treatment.

Maurice’s improvement was so successful, he was able to discharge back to his home just this past week, making him the first graduate of our NEW Skilled Rehabilitation unit. The Staff at Eastbrook Healthcare wishes Maurice continued health and success in the future!

(Patient’s photo and story shared with express written consent.)

Success Story

The Staff of Eastbrook Healthcare is proud to introduce an Eastbrook Success Story, Maurice.